Mera parcel is a startup founded in
the Pakistan, back in 2021

Pakistan’s first ever courier comparison and instant booking site. Since then we have rapidly become a trusted, cross-border shipping service allowing consumers and businesses to ship to and from, anywhere in the world.

Our shipping platform is really simple to use, we have made it easier than ever to find the best price to ship your items domestically and across the globe. We can help individuals, as well as small businesses, reach customers in throughout the world using international couriers. It doesn’t matter if you have never shipped a package before, as we have the whole process covered and can show you how to ship a package for less, whilst ensuring it arrives safely. Our shipping calculator will help you compare and choose which courier service is best based on your needs, as there a number of factors to think about when thinking about what courier to book.

Our marketplace offers customers a variety of delivery solutions using a mixture of carriers, postal operators, and shipping agents to ensure no matter where you are located, you can have your parcel delivered for less. Use the Mera parcel shipping calculator to compare courier companies in one place and select a delivery company that matches your budget or ensures your parcel arrives on time.

The Mera parcel marketplace is where the world comes to send packages.

E-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce customers looking for a shipping service that can help them grow internationally

can make use of our delivery services as well as individuals who need to ship gifts, clothing, items they have sold online, auto parts and personal belongings.

As we have the capability to connect you with the best in country couriers, provide our website in multiple languages and can accept a number of currencies, we are helping thousands make cross-border shipping simple.


Frequent answer and question

We have a wide variety of delivery agents, postal operators and couriers in place for you to select from. DHL, Fedex, UPS ,Skynet, Dubai Dhl, Dubai Fedex, Direct Economy for internationals and for domestics we have Movex, Trax , TCS and others are just a few of the delivery companies you can choose from. you can also choose to have packages collected from a home or work address, or from anywhere you want. Use Mera Parcel service Called “Just Send”

We also provide a sales channel to carriers, forwarding agents and postal operators to upload their shipping services onto our marketplace to showcase their most competitive services to our active global audience. We are always welcoming new suppliers to help us develop and grow our global shipping marketplace.

Mera Parcel are here to help after the order has been booked. When you place your order, your contract and payment is with Mera Parcel and our customer services team is available 24h every day to resolve any issues you may have. This means that instead of having to use multiple processes, you can take advantage of using Mera Parcel for everything from collection through to tracking your delivery; regardless of the service you use

Customer review

08 Dec, 2021

Saima Rana

" Absolutely brilliant service Best I have used will definitely recommend to others and will definitely use the service again multiple times and it’s also the fastest service I have used 10/10 "

19 July, 2022

Zainab Rafiq

" I had a great experience with mera parcel .
Delivery is on time and would love to suggest
to every one. "

26 Oct, 2022

Rayan Farooq

" one of the best service .. easy sending .. I send my parcels from anywhere by using highly recommended "


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